5 applications to go back to work without stress. When technology helps!

Holidays are no more than a memory, we are back to work already, but autumn is coming and only now we are truly realizing that summer is over. Re-entry stress? Now we have no more excuses, we have to react! For those nostalgic, 5 applications come to help to combat fatigue, insomnia, irritability and resume the habit to deal with daily tasks. Let’s find out them together!

Foodracers. It is perfect for those who don’t love spend so much time in the kitchen and feel the stress of thinking about what to prepare for dinner. This application allows you to get food delivered at home from the best city restaurants, in a short time and without higher prices. You select the district, choose the menu, and the order is done!

Forest. You can’t take a social media detox? This app monitors you! Set a timer and, every thirty minutes, a tree will grow in your virtual forest. If, however, before the time runs out you open Facebook to check your friends’ notifications, all will be destroyed. If you want to win, you have to put aside the smart phone for a while!

Wanderio. Just the idea of organizing another holiday or a weekend out of town and the good mood is back. This application allows you to compare, with one technology, all travel routes available to reach a destination and to book, just one click!

Italy.XP. Would you like to experience something out of the ordinary? This application summarizes in a single marketplace unconventional tourist services for those who are no longer content to visit a place and look for unique experiences. Sometimes a few hours is enough to recharge the batteries!

Tigheter Price. An application designed for saving, by sharing. It allows you to create and easily manage your shared posts with friends, family or roommates. From an object, or a space up to a service, such as for example the babysitter. You will have a safe place to receive payments and a chat to communicate directly with everyone. One way to save together!