A theatre location where conviviality and sharing meet the history of design

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

Have you already been to the Segheria (“sawmill”)? ‘Carlo e Camilla in Segheria’ is much more than a simple location: it was born in Milan, inside of a historical sawmill from 1929, an empty box transformed by its art director, exhibition curator, installation designer Tanja Solci, as if by magic, into a place that you cannot help but loving. Thanks to its aesthetic and creative culture, this location, that once used to be anonymous, is today an unexpected container that hosts a gastro-bistro.  The equipment includes two long wooden tables, crystal chandeliers, designer chairs manufactured by Cappellini; Solci clothes the table with an unusual mise-en-place: a multitude of 100 white porcelains and dishes with several decorations on, selected among the discontinued lines of Richard Ginori. The result is an impeccable theatre location, where conviviality and sharing meet the history of design.

The kitchen is entrusted to the chef Luca Pedata and a team of young sous-chefs under the supervision of the chef Carlo Cracco. The culinary offer is a concert of flavours and unexpected details. The origins of all are the raw materials of the highest quality, selected respecting the current seasons and favouring the production of the territory. The dishes are made with simplicity and severity, reinterpreting the tradition in a contemporary version. The great research in cooking techniques, often unusual, aims to maintain the high quality of the ingredients. And for those who are never satisfied, the menu changes about every 3 months.

This stunning location is also famous for the drinks. The bar is a temple of Filippo Sisti, a talent who has delighted the most demanding palates of New York, London and Paris, involved in experimenting a work philosophy which istraceable in every detail. His method is based on a technique known as “liquid kitchen”. The step of mixing cocktails is innovative and takes place using preparations such as baking in the oven, cooking in the pan, through the use of vacuum and blast chilling. Big room is given to spices. The result is a menu rich of innovative drinks to be combined to the restaurant’s dishes or to be sipped as aperitif and after dinner.

A location for experiencing a unique atmosphere!