Business centers arrive for courageous startups

Businesses invest in letting employees freely organize themselves when and where they want; business centers multiply, and even more so do co-working spaces. But are there still people that have the courage to pursue their dreams and become freelancers or open their own businesses?

It seems like the new generations still want a permanent job, even if they are used to few certainties and to contracts that are continuously renewed. The 14th Usci-Census Rapport about Communication presented recently, confirms that in the collective imagination a guaranteed job can still be found in Italy: an aspiration and a dream for almost 40% of the people.

 There are, however, success stories of people who have followed their dreams and achieved them. One example is the story of Paola Caracciolo, founder of Nemanti. Vegan, not finding in commerce cruelty-free elegant shoes, she left her job and founded a company that today is conquering international markets. Determination, passion, commitment and sacrifice are the winning cards to transform dreams and potential into enterprises.

Some help comes also from entities like business centers that allow startups to enjoy economic and organizational benefits. Having an office in such contexts allows entrepreneurs to save on the cost of a permanent office and its respective bills. In addition, it is possible to count on qualified and competent professionals that follow the daily work and allow freelancers to focus solely on their work.

An efficient and effective way to start a small business activity.

In photo, Namanti shoes