Business centers, multifunctional places where to talk about art

It seems like Milan in the next year will inaugurate new multifunctional spaces around the Central Station where old, abandoned bridges will become modern art galleries. In big cities, as a matter of fact, heterogeneous places are arising more than ever allowing those who attend them to live different and mainly complementary experiences.

Concept stores arise combining art and fashion, food and business, beauty and shops. These specific contaminations have captured the contemporary art that comes out of galleries always more often and meets places that, until recently, would have seemed unusual.

Today we can admire photographs and artwork in bars or in stores. It’s always Milan that has gotten us used to seeing paintings in shops while we sip a drink. An example? G.A.B. Milano, male fashion store that hosts artists as well as artisans who talk about the style and explain how to make a suit by hand or shine shoes.

And so business centers transform as well: they change their looks, because art requires the right lighting, and become spaces where people can see works of art, perhaps during a meeting or while sipping a coffee. These are settings where business is definitely steady, therefore it will probably be easier for people to sell their own creations.

The headquarters of Executive Service has also become a multifunctional place where to talk about art. Here is the article dedicated to latest exhibit it hosted. Le suggestioni del vetro di Daniela Gilardoni.

In photo, artwork exhibited at G.A.B. Milano