Business centers, working to the rhythm of the music

Italians like listening to music, it was revealed by a poll prepared by Linkedin and Spotify which says that Italy is in first place in Europe with 85% of passionate listeners, followed by Spain and France.

The news is that music is not only an enjoyable habit ; more that three fourths of Italian professionals listen to music at work because they say it makes them more productive. More than half of workers instead listens to it in the office because it seems to motivate them more and improve their creativity. For almost 40% of the people polled it transmits a sense of calmness.

Music, besides making work more enjoyable and workers more concentrated, can also have another function: to cover the noise made by colleagues and, therefore, to help prevent distractions. This specific use can be particularly helpful to people who frequent business centers or find themselves working at an open space.

And who are the most popular singers? Pop remains the favorite genre. Coldplay obtained the Desktop of the Pops title as ‘most appropriate artist to listen to while working’ with 44% of votes. In second place there was Vasco Rossi with 33% and U2 with 31%.

Let’s imagine desks already equipped with audio or headphone systems: technologic innovations that could become reality in the near future! If on one side there is an exponential growth of solutions to work together in the same room and offices with shared spaces, on the other side the comforts increase to make the work day more and more enjoyable!