By 2018, 75% of employees will be working mobile. Companies ready for a digital revolution

The future is mobile. While on the one hand workers are always directed to tablets and smartphones, on the other companies must engage themselves to invest more on data protection and copyright and security, in order to allow to work well even remotely. The data are clear and confirm an increasingly dominant trend: in two years 75% of professionals, employees and not, will be using more and more Mobile tools.

Predictions, already in the air, have been confirmed by the research of Idc (first worldwide group specialized in market surveys and research) that highlights the coming changes and underlines the need, more and more imminent, to access the information quickly and safely to maintain a companies’ high level of productivity and security. The document is about intelligent multi-function printers that are able to scan documents while protecting, at the same time, sensitive data.

The same companies must be able to monitor employees from their personal and mobile devices. “They have to protect the company’s intellectual property – as on the report – while allowing employees to access information anywhere and at any time to maintain efficient working procedures through the use of mobile printing applications and data configured access”.

One only has to think that in 2013 a study on European habits, carried out by the same IDC, found that only a third of companies allow employees to use smart phones and personal digital devices; It has emerged, however, that small and medium-sized companies are unanimous in believing important and necessary to improve these corporate technologies.

Are we ready for a new digital revolution?