Cruelty free bags by Origine, when luxury marries ethics

Handmade bags totally cruelty free, very accurate both in aesthetics and functionality and studied as regards the quality of materials and workmanship. It is the brand named Origine coming to life by the creativity of Giulia Marotta, Vercelli fashion designer particularly attentive to the development of ethical products which do not involve any material of animal origin.

Conceived and designed between Piedmont and Lombardy, these products are made in Florentine laboratories characterised by an established and recognised manufacturing tradition. In the bags by Origine, wool, silk or leather typical of the Italian manufacturing tradition gave way to materials such as polyurethane, polyester, polyamide, viscose and cotton.

The cruelty free approach and production are certified from Origine participation in the LAV animal free fashion project. “My commitment is to create a line of accessories that follows fashion trends with elegance and innovative spirit – explains Giulia Marotta – distinguishing by brands that, for not using leather, produce hemp bags and forgo the creation of accessories tending to luxury. Not using leather is not necessarily synonymous with savings, but it means replacing leather with high quality materials and fabrics. “

Origine reflects two important trends that unite the new micro and small enterprises of the fashion industry: the agility and streamlined production, with dislocation of activities across multiple territories or manufacturing districts and attention to the study and research of materials, design and concept. Origine, in particular, is a brand that with its bags tells a lifestyle: that one that provides for the total absence of products of animal origin.