Diamond Service Company choses Executive Service

A “precious, rare and valuable” partner expands the Partnership Program of Executive Service. It is DSC – Diamond Service Company, a consulting company specialised in the field of jewellery and diamonds for investment.

Born from the intuition of its founder and CEO Maurizio Spoldi, an expert in the field of gold and precious stones for more than 30 years, DSC guarantees answers to any type of need: they turn your wish to possess a valuable into a safeguarded purchase and offer consultation for a safe investment in metals, diamonds and precious stones which are now more than ever an efficient opportunity of investment in order to protect one’s savings and secure one’s future.

DSC also performs estimates of evaluation of gold work, vintage jewellery, numismatics, silver and even coins. All reports are performed by an expert accredited by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and, in case of particular manufacture, DSC spreads its sell abroad through the circuits of all main international auction houses, or in Italy through the auction house Casa d’Asta Estense in Mantova.

DSC is an exclusive partner which cooperates with Executive Service in order to secure a highly professional service to their customers.