Dinner at Antonino’s home. Art and design meet at the extraordinary spectacle Cannavacciuolo Café & Bistro

Antonino Cannavacciuolo presents his new “home” in Novara. The name is “Cannavacciuolo Café & Bistro”, and it’s a place designed to welcome guests with a sparkling culinary experience.

In the great nineteenth-century frame of the historic Teatro Coccia in the city centre, between innovation and tradition, an intense exploration of new flavours can be experienced, accompanied by the symphony of surprising pleasures for the palate.

Innovative proposals, dedicated to all times of the day, from the original breakfast until the after-dinner following the theatre performance. You can also rely on a dedicated take-away service to treat yourself to the unmistakeable quality, synonymous of Cannavacciuolo philosophy,

at home or at the office.

At “Cannavacciuolo Café & Bistro”, design and vintage pieces are the protagonists of an emotional stage in a dazzling spectacle of art and cuisine.

Dynamic place, with strong personality, able to give an unquestionably “cool” culinary experience: an enchanted location where any time of the day will become tempting and alternative.