Executive Business hosts Alessandra Bisi: the abstract path of an artist between shape structuring and colour experimentation

Alessandra Bisi is a contemporary artist. She was born in Milan and she has travelled all over the world: from New York to Berlin, from Innsbruck to Aalst in Belgium; in Italy she has exhibited in the main cities and galleries. Her artistic and personal path was influenced by the encounter with many cultures: she has been to India, Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East and Central America. An interesting figure, whose works convey profound love and passion for art.
Now, after exhibiting in several Polish cities, she is back in Milan (Executive Business Space, Via Monti 8, from November 24 th to December 20 th ) to present an exhibition dedicated to her abstract production.

Almost a journey through the most important paintings in her career, a homage to the use of the shapes, materials and techniques and the experimentation of colour that has always characterized her production.

After a long period in which her work was carried out mainly collaging different materials, the artist is now back at using classical techniques such as oil and tempera in a constant search for “simplification and structuring of shapes and intense brightness of colour”. The colour, for example, is what characterizes a multriple artwork composed by several panels and paintings donated to the Cancer Institute of Milan. “This work develops in concrete terms the project to make hospital rooms colourful and artistic in order to alleviate the feeling of being in a place of suffering”.

In the meantime, Alessandra, sensitive to social issues, is carrying out a major project that will take shape in next spring. The artist is planning a solo exhibition at Palazzo Bargello in Gubbio and simultaneously in the Church of Santa Maria “the presentation of a conceptual artwork that puts the attention on the condition of the modern man in relation to a time of changes such as the technological age”.