From pizza to chocolate, ‘friends’ foods that make us more productive!

Today we talk about food and work! Are you curious? We know that it is best to avoid large meals not to lose focus in the early hours of the afternoon and instead it is recommended to have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to recharge the batteries. But do not forget that there are also foods ‘friends of the productivity’.

First of all, pizza. According to an Israeli study, pizza helps you do your job better and be more productive: the psychologist Dan Ariely tested a sample of Israeli workers and gathered the results in the book ‘The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations’. It seems that people who eat a slice of pizza at lunch performance better.

Among other foods ‘pro business’ experts also include sugar as it appears that increases focus. And chocolate: a study published by the Journal of Neuroscience said that substances present in chocolate, the flavonoids, help to improve memory.

Besides these (perhaps we won’t have difficulty to appreciate and to enjoy them), here is a list of other ‘friends’ foods: from coffee, useful to get an energy boost, to blueberries that help to reduce stress and think clearly; then there’s oily fish, rich in Omega 3, and ginseng, the best ally to overcome the most intense days; and finally, do not give up eating apples (especially the peel containing a substance that enhances memory) and broccoli not to lose focus.

Ready to change nutrition to work better? And let us have some vices?