Furnished offices, the ‘turnkey’ solution for business 2.0

They are called ‘furnished offices‘, or ‘turnkey offices‘, or ‘temporary offices‘. The name changes, the concept not. In all major cities, you can find companies specializing in providing office spaces in the most strategic points, small or large rooms according to different needs, ready to welcome professionals, start-up, or consolidated companies whose parent company is established abroad or in a different place and need an office, even temporarily.

Furnished, wired, air-conditioned, equipped with all the necessary services to start working swiftly: once inside, just open your laptop and connect it to the network. Everything else will provided by a qualified staff: answering the phone, welcoming guests, receiving mail, fax, e-mail and supporting business men in the daily management of your business.

If before temporary offices were just a trend, now are a reality able to deal with the many changes in the market. A recent research states that the demand has been increasing by 40% over the last two years. The service is required mainly by professionals, firms, personnel selection company, law firms and young professionals. Among the benefits there is the immediate availability, the opportunity to choose and rent spaces within a few hours of the request; the price and therefore the convenience than a traditional rental, as well as the versatility understood as the opportunity to organize work according to the needs of the moment.

“Flexibility is increasingly required even in the organization and availability of workspaces, as office rental for limited periods has become a more comfortable and convenient choice for corporations and professionals”, said Gianluca Mastroianni founder of Ufficiarredati.it, adding: “the temporary office is a direct result of how the work has changed, primarily in the transition from a fixed place to the role of freelance and startupper, figures that often need an office only for meetings or the use of secretarial services. “