Le Robinie Golf Club, the unmistakable imprint of the “Golden Bear”

The Golf Club Le Robinie lies in a strategic location surrounded by greenery and just a few minutes away from Malpensa International Airport and close to the entrance of the Autostrada for Milan.

When, in the early 90s, the famous former American golfer Jack Nicklaus found himself faced with about seventy flat hectares of fields intended for a golf course, had no doubt about what had to be done: to dig, dig, dig. So bulldozers moved two million cubic meters of earth and gravel to form a masterpiece of depressions, amphitheatres, terraced bunkers and lakes, which today is considered one of the best golf courses in Europe.

Meticulousness had become an obsession with Nicklaus, so he modified and corrected many of the 18 holes previously created until the achievement of the result as in his ingenious project.
A challenging golf course, not “punitive” where you can play at all levels (there are five pitches as starting point for each hole) and where anyone, from amateur to professional, can enjoy a satisfaction: the variety of the design of the trail spurs players to practice any kind of coup.

At “Le Robinie” the attack game is recommended for good golfers; but not for risking, you can play defensively while having fun and with good results, considering that the circular shape like an amphitheater of almost every hole permits to clearly see the obstacles. Even the water obstacles are all on the side, spending time by fishing for golf balls is not pleasant!