Riccardo Oiraw, the “Painter of Truth” in exhibition for the first time in Milan

Born in Crema, adopted by the city of Oleggio, province of Novara, where he lives and works, Riccardo Oiraw, the painter of the landscape, as defined by critics, has exhibited in Italy and all over the world and now, to celebrate his eightieth birthday and long career, has chosen Milan. ‘My colours …’ is the exhibition presented at the Gallery “Art & Fashion”, from Thursday 17 to Sunday, November 27th. An opportunity to tell the nature that he loves and knows. 

Grew up in a large family, always in touch with nature and the rural world, for him painting is like a language to bring back the emotions that he has lived and is still living. Away from lyrical and bucolic views, he puts himself in contemplation in face of the nature, the passage of time and the seasons. In the paintings presented, the viewer will savour with the artist the little things populating the countryside, such as the fruit trees in bloom, the reflections of the water, the beauty of a hill, the emotion of a sunset on the seashore or the charm of a snowfall on the Ticino.

Oiraw inherited the love for animals, especially dogs. He observes them, portrays their muzzle and the eyes expression like a human face. In the paintings of dogs, which will be exhibited in Milan, the exact observation of the real subject is a must and leads the word portrait to be used to describe them.
All the work of Oiraw moves along the thread of memory that from individual goes universal, becoming choral story, collective memory.

‘My colours …’ is a tribute to the artist who, skilled in technique, boasts an extreme ability to use the palette. Colour is the focus of his research and expression.

Exhibition, ‘My colours …’ Riccardo Oiraw
Art Gallery “Art & Fashion” in Via Cerva, 13 – Milan
Opening Thursday, November 17, 18:00
Open until Sunday, November 27
Saturday, November 19, at 17.00, aperitif with the artist
Opening hours, 11:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Sunday.