A prestigious address for your business

Business Addresses Milan

Growing as a company and expanding your range of action to new markets is undoubtedly the objective of every entrepreneur.

However, once you reach a step from the goal you find out that taking your own activity to other cities or countries, is not so simple as you thought.

The initial investment is burdensome in terms of economic expense and in terms of the amount of time necessary to complete all the necessary steps: finding an office, employing qualified personnel, activating all the utilities, purchasing furniture and the various essential supplies, etc.

But is it really the only way?

Through Executive Network, you can make your business grow in new markets without needing to bite off more than you can chew. Discover our flexible solutions designed to accompany you towards success.

From the business address to the furnished office

Executive Service provides you with all the services necessary to make your business grow without having to deal with burdensome initial investments.

  1. Purchase your Business Address service
    You can have: a prestigious address to add to your offices, a multilingual answering service, mail management and many other things..
  2. Upgrade and make your new address your registered offices
    You can add your new prestigious address to all your legal and fiscal documentation.
  3. Have you planned a work meeting? Rent a meeting room
    Starting from a few hours up to as long as you want, you can use the meeting room most suited to your needs: small, large and equipped with all the necessary instruments.
  4. Do you need an office for a short time? The virtual office is the solution suited to you
    While your activity is consolidated in the new market, you can use an office for a few weeks or a few months.
  5. Rent a virtual office with the number of workstations necessary.
    And when you are finally ready to make the big step: have a look at our furnished offices
    Equipped with one, two or more workstations, our furnished offices are the perfect solution for the medium and long term.
    You won’t waste any time opening and closing utilities contracts. You will have a multilingual secretary service and will have all the other services at your disposal.