4 Prestigious addresses for your business

Business Addresses Rome

Whether your company is located in Sicily, Tuscany, Veneto or even in other countries, it doesn’t matter: if you want to expand your business to the whole Italian market, you must have offices in Rome.

And if you are on this page, you certainly will have already asked yourselves whether it is the right moment to invest in a new office or whether it is better to wait.

Because whoever has had anything to do with opening a new office knows how time consuming and expensive it can be.

But is it really the only way?

Executive Service accompanies you step by step in opening new offices in Rome, in Italy or abroad

Don't bite off more than you can chew: discover the Business Address service 

Why rent a whole office when what you really need is just a prestigious address and a multilingual secretary service?

Flexible and modular, Executive services let you proceed a step at a time towards opening new offices in the Capital.

  1. Business Address
    The first step is undoubtedly that of acquiring a business address. You will have a prestigious address in the Eternal City and a team that will take care of managing your phone calls and mail.
  2. Registered office
    Do you want your new business address to be a registered office? Nothing could be simpler with Executive Service.
  3. Meeting room
    Do you need a meeting room to meet a customer or for job interviews with potential employees? Rent your customised meeting room for the necessary time: from a few hours to however long you need.
  4. Offices for a day
    Do you have to go to Rome for a few days? Just call us and book an office by the day with the number of workstations you require.
  5. Virtual offices
    Your business address expands to a virtual office, allowing you to use operating workstations and meeting rooms for a few weeks or a few months.
  6. Furnished Offices
    And when you are finally ready to make the big step. Your new furnished office will be ready for you with all the utilities, our services and a contract suited to your needs: from a few months to a few years.