5 Prestigious addresses, 1 in Milan and 4 in Rome, for your business

Business Addresses

One of the most crucial and most emotional moments for a company is to expand its range of action to other Italian cities and ones in the world.

The fear of having to deal with exorbitant costs and a lack of return on the investment necessary often slow down this normal process.

Legal expenses, expenses for purchasing or renting premises, furnishing the environments, connecting all the necessary services, employing new personnel are just a few of the worries that you have probably already had.

Is it really the only way?

Let's analyze 2 possible scenarios


Roberto has a business that has been operating for 25 years now. He offers legal consultancy to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and has decided that the moment has come to expand his business to Milan.

1. Renting the office

He thus begins to look for premises suitable for hosting a small team of 4 or 5 people.

The choice is immediately complex because, focussing on medium-high level clients, the ideal thing would be an office in a central position, but the price difference between this and a similar one in a more peripheral position is exorbitant.

In the end he decides to not risk and takes the one in the outskirts.

Cost: €1,500 a month

2. Utilities

From contract to contract it means:

Cost: €200 a month

3. Services

He contacts a cleaning service.

Cost: €360 a month

4. Furniture

He looks for and buys all the office furniture and supplies necessary to host the team.

Cost: €5,000

5. Recruiting

Now is the moment to decide whether to move some of his personnel to Milan in exchange for an economic incentive or whether to employ new staff who already live in the city.

On balance, the second option is the most feasible one and thus with the offices already open and immediately paying all the maintenance costs, he starts interviewing.

Cost: €3,400 (for two months)

After two months or slightly more, he is finally ready. However, let us summarise the costs incurred:

– €1,500 a month for an office in the outskirts of the city
– €5,000 for furnishing
– €200 every two months for electricity
– €200 a year for water
– €60 every two months for landline and internet
– €150 a year for waste collection
– €360 a month for the cleaning company

Total: €29,230 for the first year


Sofia is young, she has just graduated and opened a small start-up less than a year ago with 2 friends.

She does not have the same experience as Alfonzo regarding the management of a company, nor does she have the same budget as him or the same number of employees. However, a more flexible and modern mentality makes her understand that it does not need much to expand her business to Milan.

1. A virtual office

The first thing she does is to buy a virtual office that allows her to have a telephone number in Milan, a multilingual secretary and the possibility of including a prestigious address in all her documents and amongst her official contacts.

Cost: €80 a month

2. Finding new clients

Having put her first foot in the Italian business cities, Sofia already has a first agenda of meetings with potential clients.

She contacts Executive Service and apart from a business address, she books the use of two meeting rooms. She rents the smaller for 2 days and the bigger one for an important meeting on the last day.

Cost: €450

3. Signing new contracts

Commitment and perseverance do not always produce results and only one of the 3 meetings became a good work opportunity.

Sofia signs a contract for 2 years and with both feet firmly in Milan, she starts negotiating with Executive Service for a furnished office with 4 workstations: two technicians and two agents. The rest of the team, on the other hand, will work remotely. 

4. Recruiting

After some telephone interviews, she selects 10 possible candidates and rents a small meeting room for a day so that she can meet the future employees and make the final decision.

Cost: €180

5. Renting the office

After signing the contracts, she starts paying for the furnished office and chooses the most prestigious one in the centre of Milan 

Cost: €2,200

No waste! However, let us see a summary of the costs:

– €80 a month for the business address service
– €450 one-off payment for using 3 rooms for meeting the potential customers
– €180 one-off payment for using a small meeting room for meeting the potential candidates
– €2,200 a month for 2 years to use an elegant furnished office in a central position, including all the utilities and business address service

Total: €27,110 per year in a single invoice!

Electing the Registered offices of a company at an EXECUTIVE SERVICE centre gives an impression of great class to the image of any business.

If there is a lesson we can learn from the story of Sofia, it is that it is not necessary to take a second step before the first when we want to plan the expansion of our own business to other cities or countries.

In many cases a business address is the first and most economic step to make.

Executive Service will then let you expand yourself progressively, without needing to make great investments and keeping risk factors down to a minimum.