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Virtual Offices Rome

There are many companies, multinational and non, that need a virtual office, which means a functional office in a certain city in the world, managed by qualified personnel. However, it is not simple to choose a reliable partner for managing your own spaces and multilingual communications with your own customers.

Opening offices in Rome

Rome is perhaps the most strategic city for any company which aims at carving itself out an important role in the Italian economy.

Capital of Italy and located midway between the North and South of the country, it doubtlessly makes it easy to reach most of the Italian regions quickly, with fast connections towards the North and a few km from the Southern cities.
Apart from the geographical reasons, the added value of Rome is both historical and cultural: your office will be a stone’s throw from the Colosseum, from Parliament and from St. Peter’s.

However, if you are reading this text, you will already know that this kind of operation has significant costs and is not always an investment within everybody’s reach.

However, there is a solution..

Virtual offices mean that you can have offices anywhere in the world at a low cost and without needing to invest in qualified personnel and utilities

Executive Service is an agency with several decades of experience in the sector of virtual offices in Rome.

The advantage of renting a virtual office in Rome, rather than setting up an office independently, is that the virtual office allows each businessman or woman to manage his or her own business from their offices, as the business address in the city of Rome service is included in the price of the virtual office, furthermore they will have a customised telephone, fax and email managed by extremely qualified personnel who will take care of collecting and forwarding the mail, of managing email communications and phone calls. An Executive Service virtual office, may also include an array of additional services that range from meeting rooms to customised voice mail in Italian or English. 

Virtual offices in Rome? To obtain real advantages from your virtual offices, contact Executive Service.