5 Prestigious addresses, 1 in Milan and 4 in Rome, for your business

Virtual Offices

Halfway between a business address and furnished office, the virtual office allows a company to expand its own activity to other cities in the world, without having to invest in property and personnel.

Imagine being able to open a new office in Milan tomorrow, located at a prestigious address and immediately operative thanks to our multilingual assistance service.

Then imagine being able to transform this virtual office into a true office at any moment, booking our furnished offices and our meeting rooms for the required time.

The EXECUTIVE SERVICE Virtual Office is the fastest and most economical way for launching its own activity towards success

With Executive Service all of this is possible: contact us today for more information about our services and about how you can customise them according to your needs.

The virtual offices are the ideal solution for those needing to make their own company immediately visible and operative in different Italian cities