Social Networks: from Linkedin to Facebook. How to do business in the era of web economy

While Linkedin is celebrating 13 years, the numbers of its users are growing in Italy and abroad. In our country the social network for professional worker states that it has reached 9 million subscribers. One million more compared to March 2015. And the Italian headquarters have increased from 4 employees, at its birth, to 26 today.

Linkedin aim is to make its team and the number of subscribers on the platform growing to create economic opportunities for the world of work at the global level, thereby satisfying all production sectors. Linkedin today records more than 4 million companies and more than 42,000 use the LinkedIn Recruiter tool to find the right candidate for their team.

Among the social networks preferred by companies there is also Facebook with nearly 1.65 million members. Along with Instagram, it is one of the most used platforms to make business in the web economy era.

Already 50 million companies in the world have a Facebook page, the Fans-page, channel that has achieved more than a billion and a half people. And, those who invest in advertising, have increased even more their business.

“The digitization can play an important role for Italian SMEs – said Luca Colombo, Country Manager of Facebook Italy – to conquer foreign markets and seize new business opportunities.” An example? Fiorin, a ligurian company that deals with the production and supply of furniture and furnishings. Thanks to Facebook, it has increased its sales by 37%, and sold out in the store.

The road is still long, but the 2.0 communication seems to be the way to the economic recovery.