The 5 rules to follow to become an excellent remote worker

Being a remote worker allows employees to be more digital, productive and happy (confirmed by the latest research by Polytechnic of Milan’s Smart Working Observatory), but remote working or working in an independent business, like an office in a business center, requires professionality.

Emanuela Zaccone, Digital Entrepreneur, co-founder and Marketing & Product Manager of, listed the 5 rules to learn to be an excellent remote worker.

  1. Know how to avoid interruptions. Having the freedom to manage your own time could lead to interrupting yourself every 5 minutes. You must make your rhythms be respected and set up behavioral and emergency codes with your boss or distant colleagues.
  2. Choose the right platforms. Using too many could generate distractions and dispersion of information and contents, it’s better to opt for few but functional to your actual professional needs.
  3. Learn to prioritize. Every entity you work for is important, but it’s appropriate to organize your work in order to give yourself deadlines and respect them.
  4. Respect the work of others. Your colleagues are remote workers too, they too require attention, professionality and a structured place to work focused.
  5. Overcome skepticism. Remote working works, however it’s important to try to make your partners, clients or boss understand that there are other ways to organize your work and that what’s important is meeting the objectives and not when or where it’s done.