The Business Center Executive Service is hosting the exhibition by Alessandra Bisi

“Abstract Triumph”, a journey through different techniques and color experiments

“Triumph Abstract” is the exhibition presented by Alessandra Bisi in the Executive Service Spaces in Milan, a collection of abstract works telling the path of a contemporary artist. The exhibition is a journey through oldest paintings and more mature paintings, it’s a tribute to the use of formsmaterials, techniques and color experimentation that has always characterized her production.

The works exhibited in the elegant sixteenth-century halls were made on different type materials, mainly paper and canvas: “My base materials are New Worlds where to find components and chromatic rules that make them self-products”. Many of them, created directly on the surface, are the result of a moment, thoughts and inner mental emotions that come to life and soul in the instant that the color touches the canvas. At the base of works with great expressive power is the artist’s preparation that has full knowledge of her techniques and own language.

There are also unpublished worksunique abstract compositions, original and unique that are presented to the public for the first time. Realizations where the artist worked exclusively with pigments and played with the density and transparency. “I keep alive the nature of the color processing my mixtures and composing opaque surfaces, then I overlay other drafts more diluted or mixed. In such paintings, actually, the ‘gesture’ is almost absent because in my pictorial intention it is rather very strong the sign. This sign is neither talented nor virtuous, is a sign that I premeditate and then draw. “

Exhibition frame is a video on which you can admire works of profound significance. An example is ‘Died XX’: “I made it during an intense reflection on the existential fatigue, in life and in death. I chose the wood, a material old and eroded by time that responds very well to the meaning of this realization. I composed my work using different materials such as rope, suede, cloth, cork and even a crab claw. The shape resembles a human silhouette, in the artistic intention, however, the body lines have already been modified by the decay because it is the laborious death of the twentieth century. On the video, you’ll see also the work ‘The African’: “In the realization, I thought about Africa that I love and know. I imagined the complex and wonderful visual combination created by its colors and images, and I realized it through several techniques. I love to paint atmospheres where they coexist sharpness, colors, declared foggy areas, I give form to a reality that is often almost completely detached from the nature of things “.

The artist tells about herself

I am an artist with an academic background. My abstract compositions are the result of a personal, almost linguistic research, because they serve the autonomy of the material for the painting and the expressive effect.

When I intend to communicate a more complex and explicit message, I also make use of the figuration without prejudice, I study new technological languages which as to my conviction are part of the requirements to be acquired by a contemporary artist.

My pictorial composing develops with the use of almost always mixed techniques and depending on my intention I put into practice choices preceding the realizations. I make also assemblages of materials which give the value of pictorial compositions to.

Exhibition, ‘Abstract Triumph…’ Alessandra Bisi
c / o Executive Service in Via Monti, 8 – Milan
Opening Thursday, November 24,
Exhibition up to Tuesday, December 20
From Monday to Saturday, from 16.00 to 20.00