The law about smart working and new perspectives for business centers

We can already confirm that 2017 will be remembered also by the law on Smart Working: an approach to work that allows employees from the most forward-looking businesses, upon previous agreement between the parties, to focus on meeting the objectives and not anymore on when or where it’s done, all thanks to innovative technology

Polytechnic of Milan’s Smart Working Observatory explains that the advantages of this approach are qualifiable: happier, more digital and productive workers (+15%). It’s even confirmed that at an Italian level, smart working would bring 13.7 billion euros of overall benefits. And let’s not forget also the improvements in work-life balance: reduction of time and cost of travel and an increase in personal satisfaction. Let’s also think that just one day a week of remote working would mean saving in one year 40 hours per person which, for the environment, would mean a reduction of 135 kg of CO2 emissions per year.
For business centers there are new perspectives. It’s true that employees can manage their work days as they prefer, but getting organized in your own home is not easy in terms of productivity and concentration. It would be interesting to study partnerships with companies to allow employees to rely on competent and consolidated structures where they can independently set up a workstation and count on all the professional services that they could need.