The Yard, the Guest House on the Navigli

In Milan, along the Navigli, it hides a hotel that, actually, wants to be a guest house with a few rooms. A few years ago, while he was looking for a house for his family, in a short time the owner gave birth to The Yard, a hotel that reminds a nice and polite private home. A story that has the scent of a fairy tale, an environment that transmits emotions, passions, feelings. In a short time, it came out a boutique hotel of excellence.

Few rooms and numbered suites, all different and each with its own soul, greet guests, for which exclusive services are reserved tailored as in the most meticulous tailoring to make them feel really like ‘at home’. The hotel also offers guest house and maison for enjoying more spacious rooms and that are ideal for those who stay in the city for several days, even in the company of family.

Stepping through the threshold, you will be immersed in a special atmosphere, where every corner is a discovery: trunks and hat boxes tell of arrivals and departures, sports trophies testify passions and interests; while ancient objects for daily use become modern furnishings; at the same time, sport is the true protagonist with grace and style in all the rooms. Each ornament has the flavour of a story. What is striking is the uniqueness and attention to detail, which makes it an ideal environment even for the gentlemen on a business trip.

In the heart of The Yard it is hidden a surprise, The Doping Club, a lounge bar dedicated (ironically) to doping. Here two wise mixologist inebriate followers of the Club and passing travellers with invigorating mixtures and euphoric cocktails. An environment to live in and to be explored!