Virtual offices

Have you heard of virtual offices? This type of service responds to several labour market needs, including having a landline (with customised answer machine) and a fax line, a postal address where you can have your mail sent and a domiciliation, without needing to rent a real and physical space.

The Executive Service Network (find out about the Network here) also caters for this need, offering a wide range of prestigious and complete addresses. It also offers its own clients a multilingual assistance service that takes care of managing your daily affairs (from phone calls to mail, from organising business appointments to welcoming guests).

The virtual office is the recommended service for start-ups and freelancers because it allows you to start a business and open an office without immediately having to pay the fixed costs that a structure of this kind would require. It is the right solution for those who do not need a fixed office, but still need a representative office. It is a cost-effective and quick solution.

This type of office is also the perfect solution for those who operate in several Italian cities. Despite being physically located in a single precise place, the freelancer can avail of the professionalism and skill of qualified personnel to take care of the local management without having to open other offices or employ other staff.

The virtual office, previously used above all by passing foreigners or those who wanted to develop their business in Italy, has now become an interesting solution for the business world.