WhatsApp, more and more business (to the detriment of user privacy!)

Social networks more and more protagonists of our business. The latest news has arrived from Zuckerberg, Facebook’s father. This time, however, the person concerned is WhatsApp (now long ago bought for 15 billion euro).

It seems that, in the future, the most popular instant messaging app will allow you to receive notifications and important information. The bank may write to us about transactions considered as fraudulent or the airline may inform us about a possible delay of a flight … all news that to date have been reported via SMS. However, reassurances are not lacking: advertising and spam banner seem that for now will not upset our chat.

While WhatsApp will become another “business tool” ready, therefore, to facilitate all users; on the other hand, it is also changing the privacy policy between fears and curiosity. The messaging app declared that the data of all will be shared with Facebook for advertising purposes; not only new friends will be suggested to us, but to each consumer more and more targeted and personalized advertising will be shown. It should be pointed out that data will not be shared on Facebook, and shown to everyone, but with Facebook, therefore used “only” by Zuckerberg and his colleagues (all useful information for those who invest in advertising!).

The ‘Big Brother’ is watching us!