When Facebook & Company become a platform to win

Business and social network

Are you looking for technology at discounted prices? Would you like to leave on a trip? Do you love fashion, beauty or design? Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for!

EmbyGames is born, the first online platform that allows you to save money while having fun on social network in a viral and innovative way thanks to the strength of the shares, and the spirit of competition.


On Embygames.com, one can buy different types of products at discounted prices. Participating in Social Games.
Social Games are on-line races. It seems easy to win, just sharing a content created by the company on all own social channels. From Facebook to Twitter, from Google Plus to Linkedin, from Pinterest to Tumblr, from Blogger to Reddit up to Instagram and WhatsApp, from the shares on the web to those by email. Each share will earn points in the place list and you can win numerous other points for each friend that clicks on the link just shared. At the end of each race, who has the highest score wins and gets the coveted award at a special price.

The race is announced on social channels and on the web site of EmbyGames: it will be indicated the race date and starting time, the award and the price at which the same was offered as a prize. Participation is completely free.
A new, innovative idea, designed by the young entrepreneur Francesco Zappelli, what will be a real revolution in the world 2.0. After an initial test period, we are waiting for the next races with curiosity … ready to win?