When Facebook helps you (or maybe not) to find work

Social networks are increasingly important in the labour market. Further confirmation of that comes from a research carried out by the renowned Business Insider according to which 60% of companies choose prospective employees by looking at their Facebook and other social networks profiles. To be honest, the first signs date back a few years ago, but the current figure is as high as 8 percentage points higher than in 2015 and 49 points higher than in 2006.

Which sectors are more ‘conditioned’ by social networks of Zuckerberg and company? The first place is taken by IT, where 76% of recruiters are attentive to what is told and posted on these channels, then it follows the sales with 65%, financial services with 61%, health care and retail with 59%.

The survey, which involved 2,816 recruiters and 3,031 employees, confirms that only 49% of respondents chose the candidate based on the social networks performance, but even 21% admit the search, on social networks, of reasons to discard the candidate.

However, being online is not always negative. 2 recruiters out of 5 say they prefer a profile ‘available’ on social networks than absent; at least, it seems that (most of the time) is just what we posted that increases the interest of a company in us.

No panic! Do not close our social networks accounts, but ‘build’ our profile with care!