Work anywhere, anyhow, anytime. The choice of Volkswagen

Work anywhere, anyhow, anytime. The choice of Volkswagen (copying Barilla)

Volkswagen says yes to the mobile work. For now, the novelty (starting from September) will affect only the German employees but it shows that another major company is ready to revolutionize its idea of ​​work.

“We want to promote satisfaction and responsibility of the individual and, at the same time, improve quality of work and productivity. If duties so permit, employees can organize their work depending on their needs. ” said Karlheinz Blessing, responsible for human resources of the group. They will be free, therefore, to work where they want to, at the office or outside, at home or by other business centres. This will be a way to encourage to be even more aware of their responsibilities, as they will be more independent in organizing their activities.

A new approach confirmed by data indicating how the work out of the office ensures greater productivity: “In the survey Good Job at the Office, which took 21,000 of colleagues, many of them said they would like best chances for mobile work”, pointed out Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of the General Works Council.

In Italy, further evidence comes from Barilla, another giant that from 2020 will be allowing employees to work from home. “They may decide to work out of the office for 4 days a month, taking the necessary arrangements with their managers. Smart working for Barilla means three things: first, working wherever, however and whenever. And secondly it means to use spaces in a different way: we have been working a lot in the various office locations to reorganize the offices for the activities of collaboration, communication, individual concentration that today can also be performed remotely. The third aspect is the digital technology “says Alessandra Stasi, Head of Organization & People Development.