Workspace Access, job revolution in a business increasingly smart

Virtual offices, one-day-offices or residences, work spaces rented for longer periods, are conquering all cities, no longer just the big cities, and are spreading a new winning idea of the business of the future. Meanwhile, large enterprises and multinationals have decided to restructure in response to the trend of a way of working becoming increasingly mobile.

An example is the giant Microsoft Italy that already long ago decided to ‘dismantle’ more than 800 desks and free up employees by the rigidity of fixed working hours, providing them with tablets and smartphones for working when and from where they wanted to. A revolution that in the Dutch offices was started long before and had led to an increase in sales of 50%. Freer, happier, more productive.

This seems to be the motto to be followed. Smarter technology and always-connected employees, no matter where they are. Microsoft has been an example: where before there was talk of presence, today the word is presence, in the sense of being on line.

Meanwhile, even the classic office work is revolutionizing. The eFM, management engineering company (leader in Italy in the space management) aims to eliminate the desk. No more workstation possess but workspace access. Not only smart technology and ability to work from anywhere, but also building spaces to accommodate children and friends, designing the psychological and physical wellbeing of employee and providing places that foster relationships between colleagues, and comfortable, beautiful and flexible environments.

“Switch from classic scheme of ” workstation possess “meaning I own my desk and no one can take that, to ” workspace access ” meaning I exceed the concept of assigned station with the benefit of accessing to a greater choice of areas (areas of collaboration, sharing, concentration, socialization, relaxation), assortment that I can use freely according to the activities and to the mood of the day, “explains Daniele Di Fausto, CEO of eFM. At the age of 29, Di Fausto has become the youngest CEO of real estate sector.

Are we ready for the revolution in the job world?